Thermal Resistant Coating


Thermal resistant and acoustic impeding protective insulation


KALMATRON® KF-I is an inorganic, thermoresistant, non-asbestos compound designed for insulation and protection of building structures and equipment from thermal thresholds, acoustic impedance, and primordial ionic environments.


Supplied as a white powder to be mixed with water.


KALMATRON® KF-I can be used in two ways: as a coating in a continuous layer, and as a lightweight material for the production of monolithic prefabricated elements such as separators, wall panels, veneers, and equipment shells and screens.


  • Adhesive to concrete, masonry, metal, asphalt and wood without preliminary surface preparation by acid wash or wire brush. No wire mesh is necessary.
  • Recommended for fire protection of buildings and other structures. Provides thermal resistance to walls and roofs.
  • Coated by 1.5 mm of KALMATRON® KF-F provides complete heat and water isolation of cooling loops of nuclear plants, chemical plants, storages and underground systems.
  • Resistivity of KF-I to thermal environment evaluated by technology of application by stucco gun, shotcrete or additive to the concrete/mortar mixes. As shown below, KF-I will perform as insulation, partition of insulation with structural properties and light structural concrete.
Field of Application Insulation  Partition Structural
Density Dried, kg/m³ 400 800 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800
Compression Strength, Kg/cm² Crushing Strength 28 35 65 120 180 >250
Thermal Conductivity, W/m²K 0.12 0.16 0.21 0.24 0.27 0.30 0.30 0.36
Shrinkage, µm 400 360 350 330 300 300 300 300
Adhesion by rupture, Kg/cm² 50 50 45 30 20 Not Applicable to Admixes
KF-I Application Stucco Gun Shotcrete Admix Precast