New CareCrete Products

Fast Set Cement

Durable High Performance Concrete

Impermeable, resistant to corrosive media, chlorides, non shrink, abrasive resistant, hard and open to traffic after 4hrs.

Opening to Traffic
There are two methods to determine when to open full-depth repairs to traffic:

  • Specified minimum strength
  • Specified minimum time after completing placement

For most concrete pavement applications, it is preferable to measure the concrete strength to determine when it is acceptable for traffic. This is not always true for concrete repair, particularly where quick opening is critical.

Most patch mixes fall into three categories for opening to traffic: 4 to 6 hour, 12 to 24 hour, and 24 to 72 hour (conventional) . Small variations in air temperature also influence concrete strength development. Maturity meters, or pulse-velocity devices is preferable to a specified time requirement. An agency may stipulate that the repair attain a minimum strength before it may be open to traffic. Recommended minimum strength for traffic opening are :

  • Compressive Strength: 13.8 MPa
  • Modulus of Rupture: 2.1 Mpa center-point loading, or 1.7 MPa third-point loading

More Durable concrete

Recommended for use in:

  • Production of high performance concrete;
  • Production of liquid impermeable concrete, including crude oil;
  • fineness and corrosion resistant ;
  • Abrasion and salt resistant, trafficable concrete;
  • Non-shrinking concrete flat works;
  • Waterproofing@50mm thick
  • Rapid repairs
  • Previous concrete
  • Stamped imprint concrete
High Flexural Strength
Full Depth Cut Out Concrete
Fast Set Road Replacement
4 Hrs Hard

Carecrete-Fast Set Concrete

Designed for patching of any concrete made surface including heavily trafficked industrial floors,Highways, roadways, bridges, airport runways, manholes, gas stations, sewers, septics i.e. any localised repair jobs or Mass placements which need to be completed in the shortest amount of time.

High adhesion, compressive strength, resistance to abrasion and freeze resistance, as well as highest liquid impermeability allow the service period to last up to 10 years. Carecrete-Fast set concrete is ideal for water proofing structures designed for unstable humidity and temperature conditions, such as public and industrial buildings and structures.

Initial setting time 35 mins
Hardening times between 1.5hrs – 4hrs depending on water cement ratio and type of Cement.
After relevant tests open to traffic after 4 hours


A concrete topping from 10mm - 35mm

With TOPMIX10 There are no shrinkage cracks or dilatation; no scaling and efflorescence, it is alkaline and acid resistant. TOPMIX10 layer will not require to be cured and densified by other toppings.


Our flooring material allows floors to be made on top of light structures as the finished weight of a new floor can be as low as 25 kg/m2 The restoration of old floors can be carried out by placing as little as only a 10mm thickness over an old floor base. It is possible to mill blast or chisel 10mm out of the old floor and install the now floor without any height difference.

The fact that our TOPMIX10 series of concrete products have no contraction or expansion in plastic or hardened phase. With a compressive strength of 75MPA and a tensile strength over 15.58MPA makes it possible make jointless floors even over very large areas.

With an abrasion resistance 7+8 on the Moh.
Hardness scale, exceeding experimental results of the ASTMC779/C779-05 standard abrasion esistance of horizontal concrete surfaces test method for by rotating cutter drill press and ASTM418 method for abrasion resistance of concrete by sand blasting.

Perfect repair for this concrete

Below the existing damaged concrete has a layer of 10 mm Topmix 10 on top. The yard is used by heavy equipment daily by the contractors. Bonding the existing deteriated substrate with just using water only



Recommended for use in:

  • As a repair layer or a new installation for floors, pavements, driveways loading docks and other trafficable surfaces.
  • As a relining coating for ceremic or metal pipes.
  • Production of liquid impermeable concrete, including crude oil
  • Corrosion resistant precast concrete
  • Abrasion for salt resistant trafficable concrete
  • Non-shrinking concrete for flatwork
  • Waterproofing

Technical Data

  • Appearance : Light Grey to Grey powder
  • Density : 2265 kg/m3 or 145 LB/CF
  • Specific gravity 2.16
  • pH 9-11
  • 1 bag (25kg) cover 1.1-1.3m3 at 10mm
  • Minimal layer thickness 1/3 (8mm)
  • Hardening time : 4 hours
  • 28th day
  • Compressive strength : 10877 PSI (75 MPa)
  • Water impermeability : 1,550 PSI (W12)
  • Mohs Hardness : 6-7
  • Stable in acidic conditions with a pH < 3

Features & Benefits

  • No curing is needed
  • No shrinkage cracks
  • No surface preparation or priming is need – just wash away any loose materials and make sure the surface is soaked / damp prior to application
  • Early strength gain on 1-2day(s). No efflorescence, flaking or sliding
  • Increased compressive strength, up to 35%
  • Shrinkage is 2-3 times lower. No bleed water.
  • 100% water impermeability at a concrete layer thickness from 10 mm
  • Can be applied to in an ambient temperature range from -4°F to 104°F
  • High resistance to chemical and climatic corrosion
  • High freeze-thaw resistance
CareCrete-50 Admixture

Water Proof Admixture Future-Proof Your Underground Construction

CareCrete-50 added to concrete depending on the type of application, eliminates the need for waterproofing membranes, concrete workability enhancers, strength and density gainers, curing compounds and anti-decay shielding devices. Concrete should not crack and leak. The admixture CARECRETE-50 admixture solves these age-old problems of concrete through complete cement grain hydration. 


Impermeable, Corrosion Resistant, Non Shrink, Durable & Hard, Better Workability.

Carecrete-50 is an ” All-in-One ” admixture that upgrades any regular concrete to HPC : A Water reducer, low heat ,no CO2 emission, no curing is needed ,essentially no shrinkage cracks, no flaking or efflorescence, no slab deformation 100% waterproof, high early compressive and tensile strength, no free lime and no “food for corrosion” left in the concrete when carecrete-50 is used. No other admixtures are needed: Just cement, sand, aggregate, Carecrete-50 achieves complete cement hydration in the first 20 minutes of batching, with higher yield of cement gel as a result ,giving a creamy effect and greater workability. Freeze thaw resistance is at 250 to 400 cycles. No CO2 is emitted – instead Acetylene gas is released, which forms only small bubbles and evaporates quickly, leaving fewer “bug holes” .

The resulting concrete contains 97% micro pores and 3% macro pores vs. (the large pores left in regular concrete by escaping CO2 bubbles , which turn concrete into a solid “sponge” ).
The resulting concrete is more dense and darker in colour due to the completed hydration process and is 100% impermeable to liquids and vapour including crude oil and petrochemicals.

Allows earlier finishing
The creamy effect
Low Slump better workability

More Durable Concrete

Recommended for use in:

  • Below grade concrete
  • Production of high performance concrete;
  • Production of liquid impermeable concrete, including crude oil;
  • fineness and corrosion resistant precast concrete;
  • Abrasion and salt resistant trafficable concrete;
  • Non-shrinking concrete flat works;
  • Waterproofing@50mm thick
  • Precast concrete
  • Pervious concrete
  • Stamped imprint concrete
  • Marine Environments seawalls etc.



  • Greater workability
  • More uniform finish
  • Able to start finishing earlier
  • No bleed water
  • Lower exothermic heat
  • Gives a more luminous polish finish
  • Essentially No cracks
  • No curing (Self curing)
  • Early strengthening



  • Cost reductions
  • More Durable
  • Highest resistance to chemical and climate corrosions
  • No maintenance issues
  • No dusting
  • Waterproof @50mm thick
  • More luxurious finish only using a standard