Leak Patching Materials


Fast setting, anti-leak plug compound, just mix KF-C powder with water and apply by hand, trowel or spray gun. Instantly stops even high pressure leaks, KF-C can also be used underwater.


KF-C Application Instructions

  1. Shake bag of KF-C back and forth or mix for one minute in a mixer to blend the contents. Measure 4 equal parts of KF-C powder and 1 equal of water by volume:
*Mix only as much product as can be used in 10-15 minutes, or about 500 grams (1 lb).
  1. Place dry-KF-C powder into a container for mixing. Add water and mix by electric drill mixer or metal or plastic trowel with 3 cm wide blade (not wooden) for no longer than 30 seconds.
    Don’t add more water as batch begins to harden – just keep mixing and workability will be restored. Don’t stop mixing until application is completed.
  2. For waterproofing and leak stopping:
    • Technique 1 – hand made plugs
      Make 5-7 balls out of the hot KF-C dough during the first 3-5 minutes after mixing, while it’s hot. Press the KF-C patches deep into the holes or cracks. Apply pressure or use a stick to press the patches deeper into the gaps. Apply KF-C patches until the gap is completely filled. The stronger the leak, the harder the KF-C plug must be.
    • Technique 2 – Strew from hopper gun
      Load dry KF-C powder into a hopper gun and strew it under pressure directly into the leak.

    For sealing concrete surfaces:

    • Technique 3 – Counter top / surface sealant
      Apply KF-C mixture with trowel onto concrete surface, wait for 15-20 minutes, then polish.
  1. KF-C will set in 5-15 minutes, and harden completely in 30-45 minutes. Wet the surface with water 1-2 hours after application. Minimum onsite temperature is -5°C (23°F).
Technique 1 - hand made plugs
Technique 2 - spray dry KF-C powder from hopper gun
Technique 3 - apply onto surface, wait 15-20 minutes, then polish

Keep Dry! Seal The Bag Tightly After Each Use

Do not ingest or inhale; irritant; contains silica and cement