How It Works

Carecrete Sdn. Bhd   A distributor in Malaysia of Kalmatron®  products.

Kalmatron® Admixtures are not based on crystalline technology but on the complete Hydration of the cement gains increasing the yield of the cementitious gel per batch. Kalmatron® Is nothing similar to any other products, being distincted by conceptual patents in the USA (#5,728,428 and 5,728,208). Kalmatron® is also patented in the US and internationally.

Reducing Exothermic Heat Kalmatron® chemically grinds down the cement and speeds the hydration process. The hydration process speeds up because of the decay-hydration reaction which weakens the molecular tensions of water by using positively charged minerals. (This reaction is similar to the function of magnetized water.) Kalmatron® provides a stable residual magnetic effect. This reaction results in attenuation of exothermic heat by 30-50%. The reduction of exothermic heat has many practical benefits, in addition to being environmentally friendly. This is a Concrete Class Upgrading admixture KALMATRON® KF-A and its liquid version K100® are chemically active with cement which accelerate its hydration with water during the first 5 to 6 hours.

When Dr Alex Russinoff learned in 1982 how to depolarize molecules of water in chemical way, it became an opportunity to utilize cement grain as a thermodynamically independent unit with its own magnetic field, electric conductivity, electro static density which determines productivity of hydration reaction with water. It means we could measure those parameters to watch values vanishing, i.e. cement grain size reduction. Absence of unhydrated cement particles into hydrated cement slurry brought new qualities to the cement rock, closer to its isotropy which resulted in numerous benefits. In particular opening up a new field in concrete repair and enhanced durability in new concrete works.

Practical Benefits:

  • No curing is required
  • No shrinkage cracks ever
  • No efflorescence appearing
  • No dilatation cuts of regular slabs
  • No edges curling even for thin slabs
  • No isolating or shielding decay coats
  • No liquid penetration from both sides
  • No filled up in precast & one step stucco
  • No toppings with highest abrasion resistance


We do not use Resin/Polymers + Fillers not at all. No curing was needed under sun heat at 130°F.

Build Strong – Build Green Build with KALMATRON® Finding a product that provides excellent quality, saves you time, labor costs and money for materials AND greatly reduces your imprint on the environment ?