Earth Material Sealants


EMS for dust control and soil stabilization, waterproofing agent

Light gray powder with specific smell. After application, the smell disappears.
This inorganic compound works as an admixture to the cement containing Earth-Materials-Sealants (EMS).


  • Initial solubility of KF-D with water is 100%.
  • Final hardened product is insoluble even in acid or salt water.
  • Completely reduces bubbling of the standard mixture.
  • Hardening time is adjustable.
  • KF-D does not affect the environment.
  • The application of KF-D using injection or sorption treatment creates a chemically altered structure with increased density and reduced hydraulic conductivity.

Uses Of KF-D


Add 5.5 Lbs of KF-D per 200 Lbs of cement or 2.5 Kg of KF-D per 100 Kg of cement to EMS and mix for 10 min.
Add pure water to produce a water to cement ratio of 0.38.
Mix for 5 minutes and unload into the hopper of pump station.
Apply mix through injectors into the targeted damaged areas.

The KF-D and EMS premix can be poured onto soils with or without subsequently mixing with the soil for stabilization and waterproofing of soaked areas.


Technical Data Of KF-D Premixed With EMS

Final hardening is adjustable from 10 to 40 minutes.
Minimum temperature on site is – 15C or 5F
Slump 2.5 cm or 1″
Shinkage 300 micro strain
Compressive Strength after 3 days 21 MPa/3000 PSI
Compressive Strength after 7 days 30 MPa/4260 PSI
Reduction of hydraulic conductivity 80%
Compaction 98%

Compaction Of Treated Specimens

Specimens Untreated, % Treated, %
Brown Clay Sand 86 97
Gravelly Clay 88 95
Gravel & Sand 79 96
Masonry 66 89
Light Concrete 69 98