Crack Repair


Heals shrinkage cracks and restores strength and impermeability

Why use KF-G (Powder)?

  • Easy to apply
  • For superficial concrete repair
  • Healing of shrinkage cracks
  • Restoration of concrete
  • Impermeability and corrosion resistance
  • Attenuates radiation

KF-G (Powder) Application

Works with all types and ages of concrete, heals hair – thin shrinkage cracks as well as cracks wider than 2 – 3 mm.
KF-G = 1 Kg
Water = 0.7 Kg
Total = 1.7 Kg



  1. Wash the surface with water before application at a rate of 6 liters of water per 1 sqm2, so that it is well soaked. This will prevent any loss of KF-G through dry absorption by the concrete’s capillaries.
  1. Add 0.7 liters of water per every 1 Kg of KF-G powder and mix by an electric drill mixer to produce a homogenous paste. The amount of water may be increased for easier spread /better workability. Ie: 0.3kg KFG per 1 litre of water.For thin cracks best results are achieved when mix is fluid and liquid form it will penetrate deep filling up cracks.


  1. Apply onto the cracked concrete surface and rub the paste into the cracks until the Paste is level with the crack edges. Small jobs by trowel or scraper. For large floor jobs use a power float.
  1. KF-G will dry completely in 4-6 hours.
    After 12 hours come back and polish floor with power dry polisher, This will remove any residue and dust.

White residue may sometimes remain on the surface, which should be washed away with water After three days. Hair line cracks will fade into concrete in 12 hours; cracks over 2mm wide, in 48hours.

Depending on the finish you desire you may continue with wet polishing for the desired finish.


A Liquid Spray On A Concrete For Rehabilitation Of Degraded Rheology

A hair thin crack in the concrete specimen
The same area 7 days after KF-G treatment

KF-G represents a new concept in concrete rehabilitation technology and became highly recognized by its effective performance and simplicity of application. In most cases, after KF-G is applied to the damaged area there is no need for it to be covered with any additional layer. Concrete surface looks the same, but strength, corrosion resistance and impermeability to the liquids responds to features of High Performance Concrete.

Application Of KF-G For Cracks < 2 mm Wide

It is a common knowledge that cracks less than 2 mm in width are not repairable at all. The total volume occupied by micro-cracks is much larger than the total volume of repairable cracks. KF-G actually heals these micro-cracks and increases compressive strength by 30% to 50% after 28 days.

Application Of KF-G For Cracks > 2 mm Wide

If it is required that the concrete be uniformly cured, must be relined in accordance with Application FOR CRACKS OVER 2 mm wide. Superficial concrete densification results in radiation attenuation, which become in wide use for restoration of aged nuclear facilities.

Application Of KF-G As A Rebar Corrosion Inhibitor

As a Corrosion Inhibitor meeting the requirements of ASTM C1582, which is sprayed onto the concrete. It chemically inhibits the corrosive action of chlorides on reinforcing steel and prestressed strands in concrete.

Re-calcination of concrete by KF-G results in“sewing” of any voids including of microcracks with density increasing, measurable in at 4 to 72 hours depending on initial density loss.
Above are close ups of the crack on a concrete floor treated by KALMATRON® KF-G (at left) and result of re- crystallization after 30 hours shown at right.

Three Eggs Experiment

or re-calcination of egg's shell matrix by triggering of Three Calcium Cilicate

Three chicken eggs (froms right to left) are not treated, treated with Colloidal Silica (Lithic), and treated by Kalmatron® KF-G were place into a vinegar for 24 hours and punched by the knife resulted in completely dissolved shells of first two eggs and intact egg’s shell treated by Kalmatron® KF-G.


Calcination of the egg’s shell by Kalmatron® KF-G increased its chemical resistance even to vinegar without shell softening.


Healing Of Cracks On A Farp's Slab

Tensional Cracks On 10 Days Old Concrete
Deformational crack with width at 3 mm
The self-healing process is visual just after KF-G spray
The crack is completely healed. Seen is superficial slight white trace. After 4 days that white trace disappeared