Complete Waterproofing And Protective Coatings


Anti-leak, ideal for damp environments

Uses of KF-B

  • For water proofing:
  • Lift pits
  • Basements
  • Underground carparks
  • Repair of sewers
  • Storage tanks; water / chemical
  • Pools
  • Ponds
  • Planters
  • Relining pipes and wells.
  • Rehabilitation of concrete structures.

Requirements Imposed Upon any Protective Cover Compositions (PCC)

  1. PCC compatibility with the concrete of a structure to be protected. The PCC should become property of concrete and cannot depend on its initial characteristics to provide a structural barrier against corrosive media.
  2. Functional PCC penetrability into the concrete to assure continuous adhesion and reconstruction of concrete matrix on damaged depth.
  3. Uniformity of PCC distribution properties over the structure to be protected.

KALMATRON® KF-B’s performance fulfills all three requirements shown its protective and remedial performers for the decades in harsh environments for mostly irreparable structures by existing technologies.


Fast streams of flood water washed out the sacrificial layer of this pre-stressed concrete structure in Europe. The most difficult part of that renovation was to provide initial thickness of sacrificial layer. During observation of the structures shown in the pictures below, it was noticed also that pre-stressed rebar was damaged by rusting and had lost tensional contact with concrete.


On the picture above is shown the console of reinforced concrete beam that is partly coated with KALMATRON® KF-B.


The purpose of this application is to restore tensional contact between rebar and concrete. The integrity of rebar and concrete was restored completely. On the picture below is shown the pillar’s upper part that was structurally jointed with the beam. This part of the pillar is damaged by carbonization and cracks caused by shrinkage structural deformations.

Tensional contact gives a concrete structure the ability to resist flexural tensions, such as structures designed for beams, spans, and consoles.

Preservation Through Waterproofing Cement Based Coating Liquid Services

Kalmatron Corporation is the manufacturer and supplier of its prod- ucts for the building industry on the world market by appointed agencies and companies.


The idea of Kalmatron was conceived by Dr. Alex V. Rusinoff in the year 1982, resulting in the theory about different mechanisms of cement grain decayhydration, which gave rise to numerous technologies for repair and building of new structures with the highest performance of durability. First official production began in 1992. Experimental approval of the Kalmatron theory “Rusinoff’s Osmotic Oscillator” was published by the Dundee University, Scotland, in 1990. Patents and trademarks of Kalmatron®, K100®, and Krete100 are registered in the USA and internationally. Specifications of the products are provided and published by the U.S.A. official specifier ARCAT.


An insight on Kalmatron Waterproofing Service

Kalmatron also known as KF-B, is a protective waterproofing and anticorrosion coating for concrete and masonry structures. KF-B penetrates into concrete and masonry so that even if it is chipped off, that surface will still be completely waterproof.


KF-B is a dark-gray powder that is mixed with water in a ratio of 3 parts KF-B to 1 part water by volume. It becomes a sticky, highly adhesive paste when wet and is applied by brush, roll, or trowel directly onto the leaking surface. The coating thickness starts at just 0.11″ (3 mm) – or about the thickness of two-quarters stacked together. Cementitious products are probably the easiest waterproofing materials to use. They’re readily available from suppliers of masonry products, and they’re easy to mix and apply. If you plan to use this material, a long-handled brush will make your life easier.

Above: a concrete block that was coated with KF-B (at left) and another concrete block without the KF-B coating (at right).Both blocks were submerged in a 25% Sulfuric Acid solution - a highly corrosive acid that is present in sewer systems. The unprotected block shows significant corrosion and mass loss]
[Above, left: leaking wall (nicknamed "The Waterfall") that was treated previously by epoxies, but continued to leak. At right is the same wall after a coating of KF-B was applied. The surface is now completely dry]

Prominent Features Of Kalmatron:

The salient features of KF-B solution are:

  • Waterproofing and repair compound
  • Stops seeping leaks in basements, garages, pools, tunnels, ceilings, walls, floors, and foundations
  • Surface of application must be wet no need to dry it before applying the – KF-B coating
  • No need to chemically clean the surface before KF-B application – no acid wash is needed
  • Inhibits mildew and algae growth – 100% waterproofing from both sides no membranes needed
  • Sets in 15 minutes, hardens completely in 45 minutes
  • Non-polymer based, VOC free
  • Won’t lift, bubble, peel or flake
  • Adheres to concrete, brick, stone, stucco, and cement bonded particle and fiber board sub-floors
  • No surface sealants are needed
  • For interior or exterior use
  • Color: gray
  • Surface can be painted
  • Pigment can be added


Resistance Power:
KF-B’s defiance is outstanding. Some of its noteworthy features are:

  • KF-B is 100% waterproof and provides the highest resistance to chemical and environmental corrosion
  • KF-B works in acidic, alkali and petroleum-rich environments, such as sewers and chemical and agricultural facilities
  • Easy to use – mix 3 parts KF-B with 1 part water for 30 seconds by trowel or electric mixing drill
  • A 0.11 inch (3 mm) coat of KF-B restores 100% liquid and gas impermeability and increases compressive strength
  • Increases freeze-thaw and abrasion resistance
  • Can be applied by brush, roll, spray or mortar gun
  • Stops leaks and seeping, prevents growth of algae
  • No surface cleaning or drying is required prior to KF-B application
  • Initial setting time: 15 minutes
  • Final hardening time: 40 minutes to 1.20 hours
  • Compressive strength: 25 MPa
  • Consumption 1 lb/ft2 (for an 0.11″ thick layer)

Versatile protective coating for concrete and masonry

Essentials and Benefits
Kalamatron KF-F is the only known sprayable product that works in Sewer,acidic,alkali and Petroleum environments as a continuous coating.Recommended for new buildings or old damaged concrete structures

KF-F which is A Thin Moisture and Vapor Proof Coating
that is painted onto the existing Concrete Surface


Texture of sprayed on KF-F on old apartment building.
Making waterproof and mildew / algea resistant


KF-F Was Also Prepared With Sea Water

Remote Repair of old light house in Tasmania Australia, Using beach sand and sea water with KF-sea & KF-F coat.
Isolation of the canals on nuclear plant by spray of KALMATRON® KF-F layer resulted in a solid glassy surface without post hardening defects.
Relined corroded concrete of the canals by KF-F is stable to the attacks of hot neurons by its glassy and thin layer with Coefficient of Linear Expansion equal to the underneath concrete.

Anti-decay shielding coat for wooden and concrete structures

Walls of Plywood relined by KALMATRON KF-H

KALMATRON® KF-H are both primer or finishing cementitious paint and patching material for protection of wooden structures. The 1.5 mm thick layer of KF-H provides a durable coat with highest resistance to atmospheric and biological damage.

KF-H is applicable by brush or trowel in dry and damp environments.

Provides rock solid abrasion resistance, liquid impermeability, and freeze-thaw resistance. KF-H waterproofs both the negative and positive sides of surfaces.

Essentials Of Kalmatron® KF-H

KALMATRON® KF-H is recommended for repair of rotten and damaged masonry structures in harsh industrial environments.

KF-H can be used on rotten and crumbled wood and plywood in damp conditions.

Effective for web-cracked ceilings, columns and beams without preliminary patching.

Provides passivation of exposed nails, bolts, and anchors from rusting.

Preparation on the job site is as simple as mixing of KF-H the with tap water in the ratio of 4 to 1 by volumes.


KALMATRON® KF-H is the most economical protective finishing and patching material.

Preparation is minimal and the application process is simple.

Highly adhesive to contaminated structures.

Well known as a coating for rusted anchors.

The best for preservation of abandoned masonry and wooden structures.

Ideal for the retail market and for housing and city maintenance needs.

Magnified detail of the rotten wooden beam
Resurfacing of masonry wall and rotten wooden beam by KF-H with appropriate decorative techniques